Did you know the TV Viewing distance . TV Viewing distance is depend on Your TV . Did not know the TV Viewing distance , than Read the article .

 From which distance the TV should watch  . TV Viewing Distance - Helps to Understand . 

Are your eye getting from watching TV . It's reason can Television watching distance . Are you watching TV near to it , That's a reason of your eye . 

Above i have given the table , Follow the table according to your Television screen . Helps to Understand will help you in all problem . 

According to the last serve more than 1 crore of  people having problem of eye and the reason is TV viewing distance . It has create many problem . 

You can solve the problem of eye , If the reason is Television .Above is the schedual . You can follow that and the problem of eye will reduce . Manly the people are not aware about the watching distance of television . We should follow the proper schedual and protect our eye . 

Conclusion of TV viewing Distance 

TV Viewing distance is necessary to protect our eye . We should keep the proper distance between Body and Television . I hope that you have understand the Tv Viewing distance . Helps to understand . 

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