wireless mouse is not working . Are you have been buy the wireless mouse and Wireless Mouse not working . problem will be solved .

Helpstounderstand.com - Wireless mouse is not working problem solved .

3 Reasons of Wireless mouse is not working 

  • Damage in wireless mouse . 
  • You have not add the USB of wireless mouse .
  • Battery . 

1)Damage :-  You have to see that there should not be Damage in mouse . If Damage , The wireless mouse will not work . Solve that problem . other wise , you should take a new mouse . 

USB is not connected . Wireless mouse not working - Helpstounderstand.com

2) USB :-  When you have buy the Wireless Mouse . You also get the USB with the Wireless Mouse . You should set it to our laptop or Computer CPU . Than your Wireless will be start working . You should put it properly . 

Wireless mouse is not working if battery is not insert properly in mouse - Helpstounderstand.com

3) Battery :-  In wireless mouse there is a  Battery space . You have to change the Battery of the Wireless mouse . If that Battery is not working or not working properly . After changing the Battery of Wireless Mouse . It will start working . 

The possible reason to be solved . other reason are cannot be solved . 

Conclusion of Wireless mouse is not working . 

Wireless mouse is not working the problem solved . From the above article you can solve the problem of Wireless mouse not working . The reason of wireless mouse is not working are Damage , USB , Battery , etc . Problem solved by Helps to understand . 

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