Do you are looking to delete your Imvu account? Did you know, Imvu deleted account can be recoverable, By doing the simple steps the steps are given at last?  If you want to delete the account then follow the steps given below.
The full information about How to delete or cancel imvu account
How to delete or cancel imvu account 

Steps to be followed to delete the Imvu account.

1)  The first step, Open a browser.
2)  The second step, search for Imvu in the browser
3)  The Third step, Login to your account by giving " username or Email address " and Password. you will see like below Image. or Click here to go directly to the website

The steps are given to delete the Imvu account.

Steps to be followed to delete the Imvu account.

4) The fourth step, Click on the account
5) The fifth step, By scrolling, come downwards and Find the Manage Subscription.
6) In the sixth step, After complete the above step, you will see the option to cancel the subscription. Click on the Cancel Subscription option to delete the Imvu account.

How to delete an Imvu account in the video.

If you want the Imvu deleted account back.

If you have deleted your account and you want your profile back then follow the steps below.

How to recover the Imvu deleted acccount - Helps to understand
How to recover the Imvu deleted account - Helps to understand

  1. You should write the support ticket to the Imvu Customer care.
  2. You should Manson your username on the ticket.
  3. You should also write that I want my profile back for this reason.
  4. You may get your account back or would not be.

What is Imvu? and many more.

The Imvu is a social entertainment platform. It connecting users through 3D avatar-based experiences. The co-founder of Imvu private limited, Eric Ries. It gives the users to create their own 3D avatar. The Imvu, Inc was founded in 2004. IMVU is supported by the enterprise investors Menlo VenturesAllegis CapitalBridgescale, and Best Buy Capital.

IMVU users use 3D avatars to meet new people, chat, create, and play games. IMVU had over 10 million active users in 2019. The current number of active players is 12M+, and currently, the site has the largest virtual goods catalog of more than 40 million items. The business was before located in Mountain View, California. It was also known as one of the leading practitioners of the lean startup strategy.

The Imvu is 3D, VR game where you'll make your own chat room and make new friends and you'll make a family. invite people in chat rooms and you'll buy credits AP, VIP, SHARE CHATROOM, and you'll join clubs. And you'll buy clothes, a house, and tons more so you play is or pip out. Read more>>>

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