Facebook has launched the new guideline and Due to this, Facebook has blocked many website links. The people are want to unblock their website URL.

Facebook is the biggest source of the traffic to any website. All bloggers share their links on Facebook. But due to this, Traffic will not come. This is the major problem for the beginner in blogging.

The article is written on How to unblock the website URL on Facebook after Facebook blocked the website.- Helps to understand
The article is written on How to unblock the website URL on Facebook after Facebook blocked the website.

In today's competitive market the small or beginner in blogging has no source of traffic. If you are a beginner than social media is the heart of your website. However, If you are not unblocking the URL of the website than Facebook is of no use. Because The FB is the king of social media. From here you can conversion traffic to your website.

The biggest problem is that you cannot share your post but Your visitors cannot share your post of Facebook due to the blocked of the website by FB robots. This is very bad news for the blogger to reach to there visitors or New visitors. However, You can get only traffic to other social media platforms or organic searches.

After unblocking you will able to share your post. You see the article on How to make a Facebook post shareable. It will really help you.

You cannot link to your site to group, Page, or to friends. You cannot even add your website to your page while blocked the website by Facebook. You can see the message below in the image that I got when I was adding my website to my Facebook page.

Image for When I add blocked website to the page - Facebook blocked website.
Image for When I add blocked website to the page - Facebook blocked website. 

I have seen that many people facing the same problem that I am facing then I decided to write an article on How to unblock the website URL on Facebook after Facebook blocked the website. This article, Helps to understand we show you how to unblock your website URL on Facebook.

How to know your website has been blocked on Facebook? 

1) To know your website is blocked or not you have to first go to your website and You have to select any article or post and share on Facebook.
2) If you are able to share your post then your website is not blocked and If you are unable to share the post and You have found any error and message below it like you can see it in the below image.

How to know your website is blocked or not Facebook.
Blocked website on Facebook:- How to know 

3) You have found the same message when you are sharing your post then your website is blocked by Facebook due to new guidelines.

" or "

To confirm that website is blocked. We are going to use the Facebook tool called Facebook Sharing Debugger.

How to unblock a website from Facebook to share posts and articles. 

To unblock the website first you have to know that your website is blocked or not If your website not blocked then it will not work. For that, you want to know and You can read that above.

Using Debugger for unblocking the website on Facebook.

1) First, you have to go to the Debugger website.
2) Enter your website URL into the box and then click the ‘Debug’ button. If you have not understood then you can see in the below image it will help to understand.

enter your website url and click on debug.- for unblock your website.
3) After completing the second step you will get a message " We can't review this website because the content doesn't meet our Community Standards. If you think this is a mistake, please let us know. "
4) You have to click on the Let us know. Below is the image to understand.

click on let us know to unblock your website from facebook.

5) After you will go to another page of " Help center ". Here you have to explain why to thing this was an error. Write a full detail message and click on the send button.

Enter your message and send to facebook to unblocking your website.

6) You will get the message that " Thanks for providing feedback about this experience. "

Try this same for many times while Facebook did not unblock your website.


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  1. I am not able to unblock my url. I tried sending reports

    1. I think you should try the ads method however, keep trying this method.


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