Do you have created a Whatsapp and want to delete a Whatsapp group? In this article, We know How to delete a Whatsapp group - Helps to understand

Whatsapp is all about together people in one place and they can meet and tells the thoughts that they want by chats. However, You can also create a Whatsapp group for Education, Information to many people at the same time, and Other activities that you have to send the same message to many people. Whatsapp group is using by many businesses to send their projects to all employees.

Important points for deleting the Whatsapp group.

  • You can only delete a WhatsApp group that you simply created yourself or that you are the admin of.
  • WhatsApp groups are an excellent thanks to loop variety of individuals into one conversation, making it easy to share plans, photos, and chat.
  • Deleting a WhatsApp group requires you to get remove of each member from that Whatsapp group one-by-one, then exit the group yourself.

The above points are important to delete the Whatsapp group. If you have read the above points than you have understood what you have required to cancel your WhatsApp group.

How to delete a Whatsapp group step by step guides

1) Enter into the Whatsapp in your device.
2) Come into the chats section and after you will the groups and contact that you have added to your Whatsapp.
3) Select the group you created and want to delete that Whatsapp group. Click or tap on that group.
4) After entering that group tab on the group subject at the top of the screen.

5) After clicking the "group" tab the "Group info" screen will open. In that scroll down and you will see the members of that Group remove all the members from that group.
6) To remove the member follow the step, First, select one member and tab on their name. You will see the menus on the screen. Click on the "Remove from Group" tab and after you will see that member will remove from the group.

7) Follow the same process for removing all the members. After removing all the members from the group exit you from that group.
8) Click "Exit Group" top exit the group. After the exit group, you will see that You have deleted a Whatsapp Group.

These are the steps to delete a Whatsapp Group that you have created. If you have deleted the group successfully than tell us in the comment. Also, give your feedback in the comment below.

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