You want to send Animated gif to anyone from Email or Gmail you can now insert or Embed the Animated gift into your Email or Gmail and can be send to anyone. In this article, You will know How you can insert or Embed the Animated gif in Email or Gmail.

This gif is taken by Wikipedia common for the purpose of education:- How to insert or Embed an Animated gif in Email or Gmail.
This gif is taken by Wikipedia common for the purpose of education:- How to insert or Embed an Animated gif in Email or Gmail. 

The Gmail or Email are used to send Photo, Document, text and important message. Nowadays the people are sending gif from Gmail or Email. The gif image you send now if you don't know how to insert or Embed an Animated gif in Email or Gmail. This is good news for the Gmail users they can use gif to send.

Possibly, you've got used GIFs on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media sites. they're images that move. you've got multiple methods to insert GIFs into an email on Gmail. the only and most convenient way is using the GIF’s URL address to insert it into an email. This method might be a touch longer but gives you the liberty to share any quite GIFs from any website directly. you'll upload a GIF from your device storage too.

Note: The GIFs sent through Gmail will only work or display as animations on the Gmail mobile app. However, animated GIFs can't be sent from the Gmail mobile app.

Step by step guide to insert or Embed the Animated gif in Email or Gmail to send.

  1. Start a browser. If you don’t have GIFs on your computer, then you’ll get to browse and replica its URL address or save the GIF. If you share the GIFs stored on your computer, then start from Step 6.
  2. look for the GIFs you would like to feature to email with “gif” word at the top, for instance, Cat GIFs. within the search result, you’ll see various GIFs images.
  3. Click on the ‘Images’ tab to filter the search result. you'll also open a GIFs website from the online results.
  4. Click on the gif you would like to use to open its page. but click on the gif to open it.
  5. Now, click the URL bar at the highest and replica the link of the page. While copying makes bound to select the entire address. Some GIFs website, like Giphy, provides a separate option ‘Copy Link’ or ‘GIF link’ to repeat the particular link of the gif. Once you sure about the gif link you copied is correct, go ahead.
  6. Open a replacement tab, and attend ‘’ to go to Gmail. If you’ve logged in earlier within the browser, then you’ll see your Gmail inbox. If not, then check-in together with your Gmail account credentials.
  7. Now, click on the ‘Compose’ button at the highest within the left column. This opens a replacement message window on the screen.
  8. Click the ‘To’ field and enter the entire email address of the person with whom you would like to share gif. you'll add multiple people by entering their email address to send the message to all or any direction.
  9. Now, click on the ‘Insert Images’ button within the bottom menu of the new message window. Clicking it'll open the image browsing window. If you’re uploading gif saved in your computer, then you'll attach it on to your email by dragging and dropping within the new message window from its location.
  10. Select ‘Web Address (URL)’ from the highest options within the Insert Photos window.
  11. Now, right-click on the sector next to ‘Paste image URL’ and choose ‘Paste.’ this may fill the world with the gif address you’ve copied from the web site.
  12. Click the ‘Insert’ button to feature the gif to your email.
  13. Add a message, subject, or the other items you would like to feature to the message.
  14. Click the ‘Send’ button to send the e-mail.

Your Gmail email has been sent to the people you’ve chosen. Now, once they open your message to read, your GIF will animate.

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