If you are facing a problem with the Queued mail in Gmail. Do you know, What does queued mean in Gmail? In this article, we will Helps to understand.

outbox keep saying queued when I try to send an attachment - Problem solved by Helps to understand
outbox keep saying queued when I try to send an attachment - Problem solved by Helps to understand

Try some troubleshooting things if Queued mail.

  • Refresh several times the Gmail
  • Clear your cache and cookies
  • Disable TEMPORARILY your anti-virus checker
  • Open private window/safe mode
  • Change browser to see if the issue persists
  • Log out and log in your account
  • Try to open an email with labs disabled  https://mail.google.com/?labs=0

Does your mail can not be delivered because of incorrect alias.

As many of you've got discovered, the matter is, primarily, with the certificates on the SMTP servers, but was only revealed when Google started stricter enforcement. 
AFAICT, it's like there are two main problems, self-signed certificates and certificates that don't match the name utilized in the custom SMTP settings. 

  • If you manage your own SMTP servers, you'll get to get a certificate signed by a recognized CA and identify it with the name you employ in your SMTP configuration.
  • If you get your service from a serious email provider, they're going to not be using self-signed certificates, but they'll be sharing the server between many purchasers, allowing each customer to use a custom domain name pointing to the same machine. The solution for that's to urge the canonical name from the provider to use in your SMTP settings. 
  • It is rare, but it's possible that the server will use a special certificate on different ports, so switching between 465, 587 and 25 might yield better results. Again, the simplest source for the settings is your email provider.

I don't recommend employing a non-secure connection to send your mail. \

Google has updated the assistance article for Send emails from a special address or alias to incorporate a neighborhood about this problem. It basically reiterates what you all have discovered in this thread:
  • If you see one among these error messages, you would possibly get to select a special port number and authentication type. Make sure you've got used the right outgoing mail server for your provider. You might get to contact your third party email provider for the right settings.
  • Select a secured connection
  • Check with your other mail for his or her recommended port number, authentication type, or outgoing mail server. Make sure your third-party provider supports SSL or TLS with a legitimate certificate. Here are some common combinations:
  • SSL with port 465
  • TLS with port 25 or 587

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