Do you have purchased a BSNL SIM Card and Want to activate it? Then you are in the right place.

This article is written on How you can activate a BSNL SIM Card in simple steps | Helps to understand
This article is written on How you can activate a BSNL SIM Card in simple steps | Helps to understand

BSNL is a telecom service provider in India that provides services like Landline, Mobile Connectivity, Broadband, and many more.  For cellular or mobile connectivity, it offers 2G/3G network services and 4G during a few circles. it's one among the oldest telecom companies in India, which brought connectivity revolution in India. it's existed since the year 2000 and completed 20 years in 2020. We all have seen how it's degraded over the few years and performing poorly from the user’s point of view. However, BSNL is the giant; we all have a nostalgic attachment of owning a BSNL connection, be it mobile or landline in some a part of our lives.

In this article, We will see that How can you activate your BSNL SIM Card in simple steps. If you purchased then you need to activate it then this article will help you to understand.

Simple steps to activate your New BSNL sim card.

Simple steps to activate a New BSNL SIM Card in simple steps | Helps to understand
Simple steps to activate a New BSNL SIM Card in simple steps | Helps to understand

Below are the simple steps to activate your sim card. I think you can activate it.

  • Turn off your cell phone if it is not powered off.
  • Install the BSNL SIM card in the sim card slot on your phone. 
  • Power on the phone by pressing the “Power/End” button.
  • Now, wait for the network.
  • come to the phone app and Dial “1507” or ‘123’ on the phone to confirm your card, select a language, and verify.
  • You will be prompted for Tele-Verification.
  • Follow the Tele-verification guide.
  • Done! Your sim is now activated, and you can start using it for calling or data services.
Now, You are ready to use the BSNL SIM Card. You can call anyone and use the Data services. 

Report Issues With BSNL Card

If you've got a problem together with your BSNL new SIM card, call the BSNL customer care number, which is 1800-180-1503. The service is out there 24 hours per day and includes problems together with your verification code.

An alternate BSNL customer care number is out there for issues associated with your mobile codes or calls from other places. For those instances, call 1800-180-1503/1503.

About Your BSNL Card

After you successfully activate your card using your BSNL verification number, you'll make voice calls to other mobile devices or landlines and use services like SMS, telephone, telephone, and voicemail. With BSNL, you furthermore may have Calling Line Identification Presentation, a service almost like the caller ID seen on cellphones within the U.S.

The cost of a BSNL new SIM card starts at about Rs.220. Once purchased, your card works for the advertised validity period, which is usually between seven days to at least one year. Your BSNL card works throughout India, but you'll mostly find 3G connectivity, albeit 4G is out there in some places now.

Issues With BSNL Cards

After you complete your activation using the BSNL verification number, you'll find you're experiencing a replacement problem. Telemarketers are persistent throughout India, so you'll begin receiving spam calls soon after activating it. By default, any telephone number issued in India has NCPR activated, which, during a nutshell, means telemarketers are liberal to call or send text messages thereto.

To avoid spam calls, you'll activate don't Disturb at no extra charge. Call or text 1909 to start out don't Disturb. Your text should read START 0. Follow the prompts to activate DND.

I hope that you have successfully activated a New BSNL SIM Card and If you are facing any problem than I think you have done with it. If you have any feedback then write down in the comment box below. It will help us to improve.

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