There are many ways to recover a Hotmail account. Here, You will find how you can recover the Hotmail account by following the simple steps.

The answer is given in the article below.
This article is written on How to recover the Hotmail account?

In this article, You will see how you can recover your  Hotmail ( Outlook ) account in many ways. Such cases like lost your phone, You have forgotten your password, You want to recover the hacked account, and many other cases that happen.

How to Recover Hacked Hotmail Account

Once you've got learned the way to recover Hotmail password, now you'll easily gain the knowledge about recovering hacked Hotmail account:

  • If you're still ready to access your account, then a fast password change is the easiest method to regain control.
  • The gear icon is viewed within the upper right corner beside your account name.
  • Choose “More Mail Settings” from the menu.
  • Tap on “Account Details” to market the language menu. This button is the very first option under the “Managing Your Account” header.
  • Tap on “Change Password”.
  • Fill your old and new passwords into the text fields then save.
  • Login again to your account to verify the changes made.

Hotmail account recovery without security question

Now sometimes it is quite possible that you have no clue about your password and hence you can not get into the account. If this is your case then you can always get back your password with a number of methods like either you can get the password with the help of the alternate email ID or with the alternate mobile number. If you do not have any of them available then you can simply choose to get the password or email with the help of the security questions.

In order to answer this question you simply have to do as written below:

Step #1: The very first thing that you have to do is to go to the official home page of the Hotmail i.e
Step #2: Once you reach there then you simply have to look for the place where you can enter the Windows Live ID 
Step #3: Once you type your email address there then you simply have to click on the blue link that is given under the password field and which says Forgot Your Password.
Step #4: Once you tap on it then a new page will open in front for you, On this new page, you will have to again enter the Windows Live ID.
Step #5: Followed by looking at a picture that contains the mixture of the letters and alphabets.
Step #6: After that, you simply have to enter those characters in the space provided. 
Step #7: Followed by tapping on the continue button, as you do that a new page will open in front of you.
Step #8: So now you just have to tap on the radio button that is given next to the phrase of “ Send password reset instructions to me an e-mail”
Step #9: Once you do that then you simply have to click on the continue button and you will see a number of other options as well.
Step #10: So here you have to click on the radio button that is given next to the alternative email address.
Step #11: Once you enter that email address then you simply have to tap on the continue button.
Step #12: So now you only need to check your email where all the instructions are given.
Step #13: Once you read them, you'll get to understand all the further steps that you simply need to follow so as to set-up this Hotmail account.
Step #14: such as you need to click on the link given within the mail then it'll take you to a Hotmail password reset page
Step #15: Where you'll simply create a replacement password for yourself and you're through with this process.

I hope that you successfully recover your account. If you have any feedback then you can write down in the comment box. It will help us to improve.

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