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Youtube is the world's largest video-sharing place, Where millions of people share their thoughts, opinions, ideas, styles, and many more.  

But their many times when you come across a blocked video on YouTube, especially so if you live in a country with heavy censorship. It can be disheartening to see the message “Video unavailable, The uploader has not made this video available in your country”.

How to watch the blocked youtube videos in your country?

Do you want to watch blocked YouTube videos in your country or how to watch blocked videos on YouTube from other countries? Have you ever faced a really needful situation where you want to watch YouTube videos that have been blocked in your country? In this article, We will solve the problem.
Method 1:- Using of Virtual private Network ( VPN

  • First, Select the VPN from the above.
  • After choosing the VPN, then look in which country that video is available. 
  •  Open the app and select the country where the video is available.
  • After completing the above step, Go the Youtube search for that video you will see that now the video is available to watch.

Method 2:- Use Hooktube ( Youtube alternative )

Use Hooktube this is an Youtube alternative.
Hooktube can be used to seeing the blocked youtube videos.

Want to observe blocked YouTube videos on Hooktube? Continue with the subsequent steps.

  • Go to Hooktube’s site to open its main interface.
  • Type the blocked YouTube video’s title within the search bar and hit the Enter
  • Then find the video and open it.
To make things easier, you'll redirect your YouTube URL to Hooktube as well: 
  • Click on the blocked video on YouTube and find the address bar.
  • Replace “you” in with “hook”, to form the video’s URL:
  • After changing the YouTube URL to Hooktube, you'll get access to the blocked YouTube videos and bypass the geographical restriction.

why this Youtube Video is blocked? Reasons

  • Country and Region Restrictions
  • School and Office Restrictions
  • Video Privacy Settings

How to use VPN to watch the blocked youtube video in your country.

A Virtual Private Network ( VPN ) is helping to watch the videos by changing our location. using VPN means that you can hide your IP and rather dress it with another IP Address where access to a particular video is allowed. 

Steps to use the VPN.

Hooktube is the best YouTube alternative where you'll view all videos on YouTube without regional restriction and age restriction. By employing a simplified interface, Hooktube loads faster than YouTube because it removes some annoying features of YouTube. Thus, you'll watch YouTube videos without distraction.

YouTube is that the hottest video-sharing website and therefore the world's largest platform for video publishing. However, most folks must have encountered such situations that "The video isn't available in your country." it is a bit annoying, isn't it? If you discover a YouTube video is unavailable, there are often many reasons behind it.

Why this youtube videos is not available in my country.

Some YouTube videos contain "inappropriate" content and obtain restricted by some countries or regions. And YouTube has made a great effort to suits local laws. Therefore, YouTube will limit your access to the actual videos so on restore its service on those countries and regions.

If you're living in these countries like China, Iran, and North Korea, you want to already know that those countries block YouTube completely and you do not have permission to observe any YouTube video. But don't be concerned, this post also teaches you the way to watch blocked YouTube videos from those restricted countries.

YouTube could be blocked in some schools and colleges. Because to students, it's an irresistible distraction to observe YouTube. So, to assist students to specialize in their study, some schools restrict access to YouTube and other sites. Also, some organizations and offices block YouTube access to assist their employers to consider works.

If you are not ready to watch some YouTube videos, it's because the video uploaders found out the video privacy settings. If the video uploaders block you, then you're being prevented from watching their YouTube videos. during this case, you ought to message the video uploaders.

Video uploaders can also set the situation restriction to only show their videos in certain countries. If your country isn't listed, you cannot watch the videos. For your information, YouTube tracks your IP address and finds out your region or location.

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